Miedzi Copper Project in Poland

Miedzi Copper Corporation had discovered deposits of silver and copper worth an estimated $60 billion in western Poland. GEOPS took part in this revolutionary work providing its drilling services.

Date: 2013-2015
Client: Miedzi Copper Corporation
Meters Drilled: 12000

About this Project

Miedzi Copper Corporation, the Canadian firm discovered the deposits that lie buried around 1,900 metres beneath the surface near the towns of Zielona Góra and Nowa Sól. The new deposits should bolster Poland’s already good standing as a country rich in metals. The first drilling works in this area started in 2014 and GEOPS proudly took important role in this initiative that resulted in the discovery of the mentioned reserves and finalized its task without any incidents.

GEOPS leaded the drilling program with:

  • 50 number of staff
  • 8 number of rigs
  • 12000 meters drilled
  • 0 health and safety incidents

Numerous very deep drilling programs were necessary at the project in order to verify the resource potential within the areas of many exploration concessions under Miedzi Copper. Prospecting activities including drillings have been conducted by GEOPS and those were essential for first precisely identified and documented report. It was necessary to extract the core from depths reaching 2000 meters and our company conducted such challenging tasks without incidents and finally attaining the projected goals.

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