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We are not limited to drilling, instead we offer a full range of services, all at one place and in a highly flexible manner

What We Do

Drilling Services

Underground, Surface and Technical Drilling Services

Project Management

Planning, Analyzing, Implementing and Reporting in the Mining and Geological Industry

Manufacturing Services

In-House Manufacturing and Construction Facilities for Drilling Rigs and Equipment

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Exploration and Production Drilling

Exploration diamond drilling is the most efficient method for inspecting the subsurface. It is a way to withdraw a diameter core samples that are later used by geologists for further analysis. Main feature of the diamond drilling is the diamond bit itself which is usually structured of industrial diamonds set into a soft metallic bit itself. At GEOPS, we provide various types of drilling and for wide range of purposes. Our limits in terms of depths, diameters and other technical parameters are high and allow us to respond to the most sophisticated challenges.

  • Drilling with SQ to BQ drilling diameters
  • Drilling depths up to 3000m
  • Directional Drilling
  • RC Drilling
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Technical drilling
  • Drilling for blasting
  • Operational wells
  • Geological services
  • Construction of roads and landings
  • etc
  • Geotechnical drilling for oil and gas industry
  • Dewatering holes in the Tunnel constructions
  • Borehole survey – dip and
    direction of the hole
  • Delivery of drilling core boxes and many more side services
  • Core orientation

Project Management Services

After years of dedicated work in the field of mining, exploration and geological industry, we have decided to frame our diverse and strong project management know-how and began offering that knowledge to our partners and customers helping them reach high defined goals. GEOPS is ready to provide advanced management to your project that requires focus on all aspects starting with planning to implementation and controlling. Remain calm in reaching your target with the application of our advanced tools, techniques, knowledge and skills.

  • Strategic Planning and Analyzing 
  • Implementation and execution 
  • Controlling and reporting 

Manufacturing and IT Solutions

We have developed our in-house manufacturing line for own needs but also for supporting our clients with various requests. We produce rigs, diamong drill bits and a long list of other drilling and mining material of high quality and built exclusively based on the needs of the drillers on the ground. GEOPS has been also successful with information technology developing an advanced software platform for managing drilling projects. Having such capacity embodied in strong infrastructure globally and multitasking team, GEOPS is ready to support you along your sophisticated projects.

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Technical maintenence and in-time support
  • Drilling Project Management Software