Our top priority is to keep our people and working environment safe from all types of hazard risks

Safety First

Fully operating under the Five-step Safety Risk Assessment Process

Protection System

Continuous investment and development of protective measures and equipment

Rules & Regulations

Strictly defined rules and regulations in accordance with international standards

Awareness of Hazards

Constant education and guidelines provision on all types of risks and hazards

Health Administration

Systematic overseeing and management of the health status of employees

Environment Protection

Careful handling and treatment of nature throughout all work activities

COVID19 Prevention and Protection Measurements


Health condition surveillance

Careful control of the health status of all persons getting in contact with the work activities by measuring temperature, checking on related symptoms and often PCR testing


Increased hygienic activities

Compulsory use of appropriate disinfectants, masks, gloves as well as high awareness about the necessity for cleanliness both at the work site as well as at the accommodation. And most important, keep distance to save lives!

GEOPS successfully responds to COVID19

Miroslav Matic, HSE Manager at GEOPS Serbia, has been engaged with a number of important projects on behalf of our Company and successfully adopted critical standards on health, safety and environment. “HSE is of utmost importance at GEOPS”, says Miroslav adding that the Company puts maximum effort handling adequately the new challenges caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

“Adaptation of the Company, meaning all its processes, in accordance to the instructions of the local and international authorities for preventive measures related to the infection has been successfully implemented and so far we haven’t faced serious consequences”, points out Miroslav. He hopes that the mining community will prevail this turmoil both for the sake of the health of the people and the business itself.