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We carry on with our day-to-day hunt for the resources to contribute the project of building up a sustainable World

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About Us

GEOPS Exploration Drilling Services is a successful international corporation operating from its headquarters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and multiple regional offices throughout four continents. Privately owned and professionally structured, GEOPS is a mixture of a two decades long experience in the field of mining and exploration industry as well as business expertise in general, supported with a strong and advanced infrastructure and technological solutions.

GEOPS remains a leading provider of advanced drilling solutions for the mining, exploration and geological purposes by investing tremendous effort and resources to continuously educate and train its staff, well maintain its fleet of rigs and supporting equipment and steadily expanding into new markets. Our clients are satisfied with our flexibility to meet their requirements within the targeted budget and timeframe as well as with our strong commitment to health, safety and environment.

Our Key Principles



To maintain reliable provision of high-quality drilling services at a competitive rate and with zero harm to a human nor to the environment


Although big and robust in size, to remain adjustable to the constant developments within the industry and the requirements of our clients


Our people are our main capital and most valuable collaborators for continuous growth. Our clients are our partners in common success
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Years Established




“Dunav Minerals look forward to using GEOPS again, and would recommend them as a reliable, professional and resourceful partner for any future clients.”
Phil Fox, Exploration Manager