Our Team

GEOPS community is consisted of talented and creative group of specialists that successfully carry on a shared vision of delivering consistently best results to the Company and for our clients

Team-Focused Leadership Approach

Individual Knowledge and Experience

Strong Colaboration and Flexibility

Vasil Andreev


Mr Vasil Andreev, a drilling engineer by profession from the University of Mining and Geology in Sofia, spent whole his career within the mining and exploration industry. Years after dedicated work in a variety of operating and management roles, Mr Andreev founded GEOPS as a private entity starting drilling business with a modest resources given the . Shortly after establishing Geops in 2004, the company rapidly expands under his leadership and now has its own subsidiaries in 10 countries and field operations at 3 continents.

Ilian Valkov

Executive Director

Eng. Ilian Valkov holds Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineer from the University of Sofia and has more then 20 years of experience in construction and manufacturing of drilling rigs as well as instruments and consumables related to drilling processes. Mr Valkov serves as Executive Director at a drilling services company since 2010 and possesses strong experience in managing drilling projects.

Hristo Kulov

Deputy Executive Director

Hristo Kulov graduated from Plovdiv University and currently hold’s Master Degree in Law. Apart from his strong contribution to our company in regards to the legal and procedural matters, Mr Kulov had also gained strong knowledge and experience managing drilling projects. Since 2020, he has been promoted to the position of Deputy Executive Director and took over responsibility for general business affairs of the company and its subsidiaries globally.

Veneta Dimitrova

Administration, Procurement and Logistics Manager

Holder of two Bachelor’s Degrees, Veneta joined the company in 2011 and since then has been actively involved in the company growth. Held variety of roles with increasing responsibilities. Currently overseeing company-wide procurement and logistics to ensure a results-oriented management process and optimal Clients relationships that drive sustained growth and increased profitability. Coordinating and supporting all company’s activities for achieving the Corporate business strategies globally.

Daniela Yaneva

Chief Accountant Officer

Ms Daniela Yaneva serves as a chief financial officer at our company overseeing fundamental financial processes both at the headquarters and regional offices in other countries. Holds BA of Business Economics and Master Degree in the field of Accounting. Daniela is a passionate learner with a clear career vision within the financial sector. She has been engaged with GEOPS for 13 years now and continues contributing at a large scale.

Tenco Mitev

Field Operations Manager

After gaining education at High Mining and Geological Institute of Sofia University in 1988, Tencho was continuously building up his career by planning and managing most challenging drilling projects for various target resources, ultimately surpacing half a million meters drilled in multiple countries. Tencho is a proud member of our company for more then ten years and a true leader both in terms of his drilling expertese as well as a perfect example to younger generations.