Atlas Copco CT 20

Atlas Copco CT 20

   The advanced feed system of the Christensen CT20 Surface core drilling rig for deep hole drilling optimizes production. The Christensen CT20 is equipped with a Tier 3 engine, oil spill plates and noise-reducing engine canopy. The CT20 design includes such safety features as emergency stop buttons, a safety guard with inter-lock, and safety fence. The newly designed control panel has many automated functions that make the rig very easy to operate.

Mast and feed frame

   Christensen masts are exceedingly robust, carrying the full weight of the drillstring with capacity to spare. The integrated feed frame is 1.8 or 3.5 m long. With the possibility of using rods up to 6 / 9 m in length, high productive rod tripping is achieved. All rigs are equiped with a easy to use rod positioner.

Rod holder

   Placed at the base of the feed frame, the rod holder uses the latest in gas spring technology. A gas cartridge ensures high clamping force while the machine’s hydraulics open the holder. This safety measure means the rod is always clamped in place when the drilling rig is shutdown. This extremely reliable holder has a seal life of 1 000 000 cycles and is easily serviced or replaced. For extra safety, the gas pressure can be monitored from the rig’s control panel. Furthermore, as it features fewer parts than competing systems, you’re looking at a lot less maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Depth capacity 2450 m
Product series Christensen
Height 3564 mm
Width 2500 mm
Length 11606 mm
Weight 18000 kg
Rod pull length 9 m
Max torque 8150 Nm
Max speed 1300 rpm
Drill Rod Size B-P
Main Hoist 178 kN
Hole diameter 48 – 122 mm
Spindle diameter 124 mm
Max inner diameter of rotation unit chuck 124 mm
Feed length 3.5 m