Atlas Copco Christensen CS10

Atlas Copco Christensen CS10

   The Christensen CS10 Surface core drilling rig’s compact design makes it easy to move around and set up. Christensen CS10 features a long, robust mast with hydraulic mast raise. The modern feed system, strong rod holder and the high capacity rotation unit ensure productive core drilling rig for efficient operations.


   The CS10 is a user-friendly drilling rig that gives operators a sense of comfort during operation. The rig comes equipped with guarding around moving parts, safety sensors, warning displays, nocturnal lighting, safety stops and fire-extinguisher


       The robust two-gear drive, Durahead, rotation unit provides the neccecary torque and rpm ranges for coring. The chuck has a 124 mm spindle diameter allowing for P-size bits, core barrels and reamers to easily pass through the rotation unit.

    Technical Specifications

    Depth capacity 800 m
    Product series Christensen
    Height 11100 mm
    Width 2200 mm
    Length 5900 mm
    Weight 5000 kg
    Rod pull length 6 m
    Max torque 4517 Nm
    Max speed 1300 rpm
    Drill Rod Size B-P
    Main Hoist 53.5 kN
    Weight 5000 kg
    Hole diameter (mm, inch) 48 mm
    Drill rod size B-P
    Lift capacity, feed 90 kN
    Feed length 3.5 m