GEOPS Took Active Part at MINEX Forum

by Nov 23, 2020


International mining conference titled MINEX Forum is a great opportunity for sharing advanced mining solutions and interact with various stakeholders

MINEX Europe has been held since 2015 and is one of the most prestigious and best-regarded mining events held in Eastern and Southern Europe. Annually, MINEX Europe brings together more than senior executives from mining companies, representatives of ministries of mining, investment companies and banks, service companies and equipment manufacturers from Southeastern Europe and from further afield.

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GEOPS took part in two featured MINEX events, the 4th MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum in Bulgaria under central theme ‘The Future of Sustainable Mining in the Balkans and Beyond’ and 8th Mining and Exploration Forum that was held in London, UK.

Both events were organized at a very high level and were opportunity for a great number of mining stakeholders to interact. The MINEX Forum provided an in-person platform for networking and the sharing of the latest business intelligence, opportunities, trends and insights from mining and exploration companies and experts from the countries of the Balkans region as well as wider Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the CIS. It also facilitate interaction with policymakers, key decision makers and global investors.