Schramm TXD

  The TXD is the drilling contractor’s rig of choice for energy sector directional drilling and large diameter deep hole water well drilling applications requiring 200,000 lb hoist capacity. Thanks to its patented Telemast® design, the TXD offers Range III tubular capability in a fully portable, trailer mounted package that can be set up in a matter of hours upon arrival to the drilling site. In addition, its small footprint dramatically reduces environmental impact. LoadSafe®, Schramm’s fully automated pipe handling system is an integral part of the TXD package. When combined with hydraulic roughnecks and power slips to meet specific site requirements, LoadSafe offers the highest degree of operator safety available in the industry today. Any climate, any terrain, Schramm rigs are built your way, delivering maximum performance and reliability in the most extreme environments on earth.


  Schramm’s Telemast equipped drills feature fast set-up, long top head travel, short transport length, small foot print, and low site impact.Rigs can be supplied with hydraulic breakout, power slips and the Schramm LoadSafe automated pipe handling system.

Load Safe

    LoadSafe® safely handles heavy drill pipe, drill collars and casing. The system features hands free operation, and is capable of handling diameters to 30 inches and lengths to 47 feet.  Hydraulic racks allow for loading to and from pipe trailers positioned on either side of the rig. LoadSafe® is designed to safely lift tubulars from horizontal position into alignment with the tilting top head of the drill rig.