Schramm TXD
Hydraulic drilling rig
Atlas Copco RD 20
Range III
Schramm TXD
Mud system

Last Project

Asarel-Medet JSC
Exploration and geotechnical drilling, Panagyurishte, Bulgaria


Geops Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd. was established in 2004. The main activity of the company is focused on surface and underground drilling for the needs of the explorational, mining and geological industry both in Bulgaria and abroad.


We are interested in financial,accounting professionals and administrative  personnel to serve the needs of our Central office in Bulgaria and for our subsidiary companies in Serbia,Macedonia,Greece and Poland.


5 Kuklenski Pat Street,
4250 Qtr. Dolni Voden,
Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
+359 331 49292


Current Projects

  • Asarel- Medet JSC
    Asarel- Medet JSC
    Exploration and geotechnical drilling, Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
  • Thrace Resources
    Thrace Resources
    Exploration drilling,  Breznik, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Madan
    Municipality of Madan
    Hydrogeological project , Madan, Bulgaria
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