is our #1 priority!

   Our aim is to maintain our perfect safety record. GEOPS employees working throughout Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa have the satisfaction and assurance of  knowing they are working for a company that is aiming to have the best safety record in the industry. Through extensive training and an integrated and detailed safety program employees are able to achieve this no matter where their location. All our employees are provided with all necessary protective safety equipment required. Continuous regular maintenance and routine inspections ensure all our drilling equipment is running not only safely but at optimum levels. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are provided on all drill rigs, rotating hazards are guarded, fall protection provided and hose whip check protection. Providing employees with all the safety equipment is not enough. GEOPS Exploration Drilling Services safety personnel travel the world to keep informed of new innovative ideas and training methods passing this information on to our most valuable asset – our employees. GEOPS Exploration Drilling Services number one priority is the safety of our employees. Job site safety audits are performed by safety staff on a routine basis regardless of the drilling location. Maximum safety compliance is not only a requirement but an expectation that must be maintained at all times.


Current Projects

  • Asarel- Medet JSC
    Asarel- Medet JSC
    Exploration and geotechnical drilling, Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
  • Thrace Resources
    Thrace Resources
    Exploration drilling,  Breznik, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Madan
    Municipality of Madan
    Hydrogeological project , Madan, Bulgaria
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