Cementing Unit GJT95-27II

GJT95-27II Trailer Mounted Double Pump Cementing Unit, Cementing Unit, Cementing Trailer - Yantai Jereh volume. This unit is mainly applied to the land oilfield applications, especially high temperature cementing operation in desert.
  • This Trailer Mounted Double Pump Cementing Unit is equipped with continuous auto density mixing system (AMS II system) of slurry, which highly improves the work efficiency and makes it easy to operate. It also realizes the functions of easy shifting between manual and automatic operation, and data acquisition.
  • The hydraulic system is driven by a separate power unit, which ensures stable hydraulic system operation.
  • The fluid end of the triplex plunger pump and the packing of centrifugal pump are lubricated through pressurized oil supply system. It is economical and environmental to collect and handle the exhaust oil through the oil tank.
  • The special designed water-radiator is suitable for high temperature cementing operation in desert area.
  • Contrast to the congeneric equipments, this unit has the feature of good appearance, easy operation and stable performance.

Technical Data

Model  GJT95-27II 
Low frame trailer  Double axles Saddle height without loading: 1390mm Diameter of towing pin: 50mm Air appended
Deck engine  CAT C15 (475HP@2100RPM)(2sets)
Auxiliary engine  CAT C7(300HP@2200RPM)(1set)
Transmission  Allison 4700 OFS(2sets)
Triplex plunger pump  3ZB-400(2 sets)(one 4”and another 4.5” plunger)
Injecting centrifugal pump  4×3×13
Recycling centrifugal pump  6×5×11
Mixing tank volume  1.4 m³
Capacity of displacement tank  2×2 m³
Slurry density range  1-2.6 g/cm³
Max. mixing capacity  2.3 m³ /min
Max. working pressure  95 MPa
Max. working flow rate  2.7 m³/min


Current Projects

  • Esanmet Portugal Unipessoal LDA
    Surface exploration core drilling. Lithuania, Pagiral
  • Dunav Minerals d.o.o.
    Exploration and general drilling, include downhole surveys and core orientation. Serbia, Tulare
  • Excellon Resources Inc.
    Exploration core drilling with core orientation and downhole survey. Germany, Silver city project
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