Atlas Copco Diamec 262

Drilling Effectiveness

  • Safe and fast rod handling
  • Simple and reliable chuck.
  • Very few moving parts.
  • Double feed cylinders.
  • For quick rod handling at all depths.
  • Drill in any direction.


Double pump permits independent regulation of feed and rotation. Equipped with a power take-off for driving a flush pump. Easy access for maintenance.

  The Diamec 262 underground core drilling rigs are advanced, versatile, compact units designed specifically for the underground environment. The ergonomically design provides the driller with a safe and comfortable work situation. Diamec drill rigs are available in either skid or track mounted versions with a choice of feed lengths and rotation units. Diamec drill rigs are suitable for both coring and drilling grout holes. Atlas Copco's Diamec drill rigs together with Atlas Copco's in-the-hole products provide the most productive, dependable and economical solution for underground core drilling.


Maximum rod size 114 mm (4.5 in.)
Bore without jaws 132 mm (5.2 in.)
Axial Holding force 22 kN (4 840 lbf)
with TC inserts 33 kN (7 260 lbf)


Current Projects

  • Asarel- Medet JSC
    Asarel- Medet JSC
    Exploration and geotechnical drilling, Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
  • Thrace Resources
    Thrace Resources
    Exploration drilling,  Breznik, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Madan
    Municipality of Madan
    Hydrogeological project , Madan, Bulgaria
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