Atlas Copco Diamec U6 PHC

Features & benefits

  • Powerful, compact design for deep hole drilling.
  • Wide choice of equipment available for drilling application flexibility.
  • Unique, versatile, and easy-to-use positioner for drilling in any direction.

New Control System

  • Pilot Control Console
  • Increased Functionality
  • Pressure Filtration
  • Water Flow Meters and RPM gauges
  • Convenient Water Control System
  The powerful Diamec U6 deep hole underground core drilling rig is ideal for drilling deep holes, yet its compact design makes the rig easy to move around. The Diamec U6 deep hole drill rig is equipped with a unique, versatile, and easy-to-use positioner for drilling in any direction. A wide choice of equipment is available for the Diamec U6 rig for flexibility in drilling operations.

Technical Specifications

Depth capacity 1300 m
Drill Rod Size A-H
Max torque 2000 Nm
Max speed 1400 rpm
Feed force, pull push 89 kN
Feed length, long 1800 mm
Feed length, short 850 mm
Height 1500 mm
Width 950 mm
Length 3440 mm
Length, long 3440 mm
Length, short 2600 mm
Weight 1730 kg
Width 950 cm


Current Projects

  • Esanmet Portugal Unipessoal LDA
    Surface exploration core drilling. Lithuania, Pagiral
  • Dunav Minerals d.o.o.
    Exploration and general drilling, include downhole surveys and core orientation. Serbia, Tulare
  • Excellon Resources Inc.
    Exploration core drilling with core orientation and downhole survey. Germany, Silver city project
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