Christensen CS 14

Features & benefits

  • Modern design and safety features make the rig safe and easy to operate.
  • Mast dump, four jacks and a foldable mast make the rig easy to set up.
  • Powerful engine, feed and main winch ensure efficient, deep drilling.

CS14 Core Drill

  Christensen CS14 is a trailer mounted medium sized core drill rig for surface exploration applications. Now manufactured in Sweden, CS14 is built on the well proven Christensen concept meaning easy operation, simple technology, high capacity and reliable performance.
Christensen CS14 Surface core drilling rig for various drilling operations features a powerful feed system, main winch and Tier 3 low-emission engine for efficient deep drilling. The mast dump, four hydraulic leveling jacks and foldable mast make the Christensen CS14 easy to set up. The modern design includes safety guards and emergency stop buttons that make the rig user-friendly and safe to operate.

Technical Specifications

Depth capacity 1200 m
Product series Christensen
Height 9970 mm
Width 2200 mm
Length 6127 mm
Weight 7000 kg
Rod pull length 6 m
Max torque 5113 Nm
Max speed 1300 rpm
Drill Rod Size B-P
Main Hoist 80 kN
Hole diameter 48 - 122 mm
Feeder length 3.5 mm


Current Projects

  • Esanmet Portugal Unipessoal LDA
    Surface exploration core drilling. Lithuania, Pagiral
  • Dunav Minerals d.o.o.
    Exploration and general drilling, include downhole surveys and core orientation. Serbia, Tulare
  • Excellon Resources Inc.
    Exploration core drilling with core orientation and downhole survey. Germany, Silver city project
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