Sandvik DE 880


Rod spin guard and Safe-T-Spin offer efficient rod handling and improve safety. Standard features like rod whip guard, rod loader and emergency stop buttons ensure workplace safety. High-capacity duel-drive main winch for maximum pullout performance.

Unique Flexibility

Sandvik has brought together some of the industry’s most outstanding expertise, products, techniques and equipment to provide a unique offering in the area of exploration drilling. The Sandvik multi-purpose DE800 series with its pioneering design, has the ability to perform diamond coring, reverse circulation, rotary air or mud drilling.
The DE880 is a heavy duty multipurpose drill rig for exploration drilling with additional depth capacity in diamond drilling. It can be configured to suit different transport applications such as truck or crawler mounted and jack-up style. A large number of options are available to match the most varied drilling conditions.

Features and values
  • Multi purpose drilling
  • Diamond core drilling
  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Rotary drilling technique

Key specifications
  • 9 m (30 ft) rod pull capacity FMC (Bean) W1122BCD water pump
  • All hydraulic top head drive
  • 1800 m (5900 ft) of 8 mm (3/8'') or 2400 m (7850 ft) of 6 mm (1/4'') wireline winch rope
  • Sandvik D15 top head drive direct coupled
  • Cummins diesel engine

Pull down
113 kN (25350 lbf)
Pull out
226 kN (50700 lbf)

Rotation head output torque
373 rpm
14324 Nm (10557 lbf ft)
1000 rpm
1385 Nm (1022 lbf ft)
1500 rpm
923 Nm (680 lbf ft)

Main hoist
Maximum pull
216kN (48470 lbf)
Maximum speed
137 m/min (450 ft/min)


Current Projects

  • Esanmet Portugal Unipessoal LDA
    Surface exploration core drilling. Lithuania, Pagiral
  • Dunav Minerals d.o.o.
    Exploration and general drilling, include downhole surveys and core orientation. Serbia, Tulare
  • Excellon Resources Inc.
    Exploration core drilling with core orientation and downhole survey. Germany, Silver city project
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