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The TXD is the drilling contractor's

rig of choice for energy sector

directional drilling


Cementing Unit



   Geops recently purchased a new

cementing unit and starting from

July 2013 the company can perform

cementing services. Read more..



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    Geops Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd. was established in 2004. The main activity of the company is focused on surface and underground drilling for the needs of the explorational, mining and geological industry both in Bulgaria and abroad.

     In 2013  the company of Geops bought a drilling platform for deep drilling for oil and gas, which corresponds to the requirements and standards of the American Petroleum Institute - API.

    Since its founding, the Company has performed hundreds of thousands of meters of Explorational and Technical drillings for up to а 2000 meter depth for leading international companies in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Poland.

    Geops Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd. has more than 30 modern drilling rigs produced by leading manufacturers.

    The Company's headquarters is situated in qtr. Dolni Voden, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria on an 11 000 m² administrative and production area.

    The Company employs highly qualified personnel: Machine and Drilling Engineers, Assistant Drillers, Electrical and Mechanical Fitters, Turners, Welders, all of them experienced in the preparation and maintenance of the machines and the equipment.

    Geops Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd. has developed into a leading company with its successful organization and completion of large-scale drilling projects.


We Achieved this in diamond core drilling :
Meters / shift: 90m Meters / day: 150m Meters / mont: 1800m Achieved depth : 1970m


     To serve the purposes of the company there is a modern multifunctional building which consists of a hotel, conference hall, center for recreation and entertainment, modern restaurant, outdoor tennis court etc.

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